Marcher Roofing Ltd is committed at all levels and in all functions of the organisation to use the most effective, practical means to minimise the effect upon the environment.  We aim for continual improvement and recognise that this must be achieved through regular monitoring our environmental performance against stated objectives in our management systems.  To this effect, it is our policy to plan, implement and monitor our activities in all aspects to ensure at least minimum legal compliance with the following:

  1. Any risk of pollution to land or water courses arising from our activities, products and/or services will identified and appropriate means of elimination or control taken to meet or exceed the requirement of environmental legislation.
  1. Air emissions, malodours, noise from processes or traffic and other aspects of the Company’s operations that may impact upon the local community, will be controlled to the lowest practicable level.
  1. Vehicles will be operated and maintained to operate at maximum efficiency and to minimise the environmental impact and plan work flow effectively to reduce our carbon emissions.
  1. Preference will be given to energy, materials and other resources having the least adverse impact on the environment and are obtained wherever possible from renewable resources and unnecessary or excessive use is avoided.
  1. Waste products will be minimised and recycled where reasonable possible. Where it is not, they will be disposed of in accordance with statutory requirements, via licensed contractors.
  1. We will seek assurance from third parties that their products and/or services can be used, handled stored and disposed of in a manner which safeguards the environment and the health and safety of all those who may be affected.
  1. All employees and persons working on our behalf, including contractors and sub-contractors, will be made aware of their responsibilities and agree to comply with our Company policy and standards.
  1. Concerns and complaints from individuals within or outside the Company, including members of the public, will be dealt with promptly and with transparency.
  1. Our Environmental Policy will be reviewed at least annually and in the light of any new knowledge, changing legislation or concerns raised by employees, customers or members of the public will be amended accordingly.